We are so excited to finally open our doors to our two-legged and four-legged neighbors in Chula Vista! As pet parents, we are committed to providing our community's beloved pets with the best care possible.

Our vision is to:

1. Enhance the bond and relationship between pet parents and their dogs by supporting the pet parents with products and services that make dog parenting as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

2. Help create a healthy dog lifestyle that focuses on the well-being of the dog both inside and out, starting from nutrition and grooming, all the way to play time.

3. Work with responsible partners and brands that truly care about the dogs, the pet parents, and the planet.

With these ideas in mind, we offer grooming services that use premium, organic and vegan products, made in USA. We select foods and treats that are made in USA with quality ingredients. Our toys and accessories are chosen from companies that have community outreach, are B certified, and/or are environmentally friendly. We do the homework, so you and your pets can play and enjoy!

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