Pride N Joy Grooming's goal is to provide the safest, most enjoyable grooming experience for you and your pet.  We strive to maintain a clean grooming environment and to have the highest standards possible in terms of our grooming and our selection of eco-friendly products.  Below are some of the policies we implement to secure the safety and well-being of your pet while in our care.


Your pets are always washed before a groom.  It is difficult to know how long your pet's grooming will take as it depends on your pet's general mood on the day of their grooming and on how well your pet handles the dryer.  We aim to have all pets finished within a 2-4 hour window (depending on breed), but this is not always the case.  After your pet is dried, the groomer will clean the ears, clip or dremel their nails and then start the grooming process.  For pets that have mats, this can be a time-consuming process.  In case of mats that are really close to the skin, we recommend shaving the area for your pet's comfort.  Matted hair may seem like a simple inconvenience, but the hair can pull on your pet's skin and cause severe discomfort.  

Pride N Joy Grooming has ZERO TOLERANCE for extreme mats.  On your first visit or the first instance of mats, we will work to get the mats out or shave them down. However, the next time around we may refuse service or charge double the cost of the groom depending on how extreme the mat is.  Please help us keep your pet looking and feeling their best by regularly brushing them at home.


When entering and exiting the salon, please have your pet(s) on a leash.  This is to ensure the safety for your pet and others.  We do offer curb side drop off and pickup, but please make sure to ask about this when scheduling your appointment (you can also leave a note when making the appointment).  Late pickups will be charged AUTOMATICALLY $5 every 10 minutes from the initial pickup request.  You have 30 minutes to pick up your dog, otherwise the "DAY CARE FEE" will apply every 10 minutes.


All dogs are required to be bathed as part of the grooming process.  Each pet is bathed with our premium, eco-friendly, vegan shampoos from SPINA.  For pets with allergies or skin issues, we do offer a medicated or oatmeal shampoos for an additional fee.  We welcome any prescribed shampoos from the vet as well.


All pets will have their ears cleaned as part of the bathing/grooming package.  If your pet has an ear infection, we will notify you so that you can consult with your veterinarian.  Ear hair removal is a standard part of the grooming process, if you choose not to have your pet's hair removed, please let us know.


All nails will be trimmed or dremeled during each grooming session.  We will do our best to get the nails as short as possible without hurting your pet.  Should your pet show any signs of stress or aggression during the process, we will muzzle your pet for the safety of your dog and the groomer.  We prefer not to use muzzles so we will try everything possible to avoid using a muzzle.  If your pet shows extreme signs of stress or aggression, we may not be able to dremel your pets nails.


Every groomer has a specific schedule throughout the day.  Please arrive promptly for your appointment. We will always check in your pets early if necessary.  If you are going to be late, please notify us as soon as possible.  If you are 15 minutes late, we will call to confirm the appointment or reschedule.

If your pet arrives late, please understand that they may take longer than usual to finish, as the groomers can't allow all their other grooms to be delayed.


It happens, there are days when something comes up and you can't fulfill the appointment.  In those cases, please call us ASAP.  We do require a 24 hour notice whenever possible.  Early notifications help the groomers to rearrange their schedule and fill the empty time slots with clients that are on the waiting list.

LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS: First time, we will gladly reschedule you.  Second time will result in a $25 scheduling fee for your next appointment, which will apply towards the groom service at the time of check-out.  However, if you cancel again within 24 hours, the deposit will be forfeit to compensate our groomers for their lost time.

NO CALL/NO SHOW:  First time, we will gladly reschedule you. Second time will result in a $25 missed appointment fee, which will be charged before scheduling your next appointment.  Continued missed appointments may result in us not taking future appointments for your pet.


There is always a risk for accidents when working with pets.  Although we use extreme caution and care in all situations, problems can occur including cuts, nicks, scratches, bleeding of nails, etc.  In the majority of cases, this happens when a pet is wiggling or moving around.  Your pet's safety and comfort is our number one priority.  In the event an accident occurs, you will be notified of the accident.  We will seek immediate veterinary care if we feel your pet has a serious injury.


If your pet has fleas, they will be given a flea bath, which is an additional $10 charge to their regular bath or groom.  We will notify you for approval before the treatment has been given.


We occasionally take photos of your fur babies during their time at Pride N Joy Grooming.  By making an appointment with us, you give us permission to take pictures for our marketing platforms.  


Prior to receiving any services, pet parents must provide proof of current Rabies vaccinations.  For everyone's safety, dogs without current vaccinations will not be serviced until proof of vaccinations has been updated.